#backinblack, Looking Back and Coming Back [TinyLetter]

Paul Kaye as Terry Pratchett
Paul Kaye as Terry Pratchett

I didn’t watch Terry Pratchett – Back in Black​ until Sunday afternoon when I was alone. I expected to cry a bit and I did. But not as much as I expected. Paul Kaye’s performance of Terry was done with humour and knowing. I admit to a tear at 1 minute in, a smile at 3 minutes and from then on it was a wonderful exploration of Terry’s life. But then, at the end, your reminded that a daughter lost a father and Neil and Rob lost a friend. Well worth a watch but Val McDermid does let out a  spoiler about The Shepherd’s Crown. I guess now I’m prepared. I’ve been a fan of Terry’s Discworld books from the second I picked up a Gollancz omnibus of the first three Witches books at 17 (or so). I’ve been privileged to interview him and Stephen Baxter and talk about either collaboration The Long Earth. I was also at his memorial and watched as all these wonderful people celebrated his life.  I will read The Shepherd’s Crown in 2017. It’s time.

I’ve picked up a book I’d abandoned in 2014 when I just couldn’t take any more repetition of ‘introductory’ information. I’ve enjoyed all the books in Charlie Stross’s Laundry series to varying degrees (but I think it works better as short fiction) but The Rhesus Chart wound me up. In order to make it a jumping on point Bob Howard, the main character and narrator, repeats that he’s a necromancer enough times that I’d happily be resurrected as a rotting shuffler than read one more word. And it’s frustrating as I like the character and premise but not the conscious or unconscious ticks. But I want to read the next two in the series (they swap main characters in each) and want to know what happens in end. I still got prickly reading on but I’m hoping that I’m either immune or that tick has stopped twitching.  I went back to it because as it’s familiar it was easier to get into than It Couldn’t Happen Here that I haven’t quite managed to get into. I will try again.

The other thing that’s been taking my time is some behind the scenes work The Readers Podcast, getting it ready for Thomas and Simon’s return. I’m 95% confident that it’ll work when the next episode goes live on Wednesday but I might need to do a little more background fiddling first. Do download it. It’s wonderful bookish-banter.

This weeks’ Tinyletter was definitely bought to you by the word ‘back’.

Until next week.

Happy reading.


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