Challenged or Entertained? [Tinyletter]

Welcome to the mostly weekly Tinyletter from @gavreads. This is often my bookish week in review and sometimes my thoughts on books and reading. 

First things first. Sorry for unintended quietness. I’m blaming Mini-Metro – it’s addictive. Try it. You’ll see for yourself.

I finished The Rhesus Chart by Charlie Stross. It’s the fifth book in The Laundry Files and sold as a jumping on point for the series. As I said in my last letter the way that the jumping on bits were executed left me frustrated enough that I stopped reading it for over 2 years. The jumping on repetitions seem to drop off around page 145 and from that on it got a whole lot more enjoyable.  Up until that point I’d enjoyed the series. Bob Howard as a Geek-Turned-Lovecraft-Monster-Fighting-James-Bond is an idea that started as a novella and short stories before moving on to novels. And the format works really well in the shorter story format – Down on the Farm and Equoid are great stories. But Stross pulled me back in so much so that the last scene had me gasping and needing to start  The Annihilation Score to see what happens next. The characters are people who are doing their best with what they have and it’s endearing for that.

The Annihilation Score moves straight on from The Rhesus Chart but flipping main characters to Dr. Dominique “Mo” O’Brien, the wife of Bob Howard. Unfortunately for Mo she’s plunged straight into a crisis gives her no time to help Bob with the aftermath of The Rhesus Chart. I’m not keen on giving up on books of series I’ve loved. I’m not the sort of read that can skip something and leap back in. I like things in order.

That’s why I’m not very good at picking up crime novels that part of a series. I always want to go back to the beginning – I read both Arnaldur Indridason and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir by picking a book 4 or 5 books and then had to go back and read the first novel in the series I’m quirky.

Speaking of quirky I started reading Irresistible: Why We Can’t Stop Checking, Scrolling, Clicking and Watchingby Adam Alter. The title mostly says it all. It’s about our addictive nature. It scared me a little and inspired me to put social media aside for lent. I know it’s 5 days in but I’m not feeling too bad the moment. I’m picking up The Annihilation Score  and buying books instead. I’d recommend reading it. It is eye-opening. More details when I’ve finished.

I’m still listening to Runemarks by Joanne Harris.  I’ve got 2 hours left. She’s a wonderful storyteller. I’m just a slow listener. I’ve just got to a part where things are coming together and the veil has been taken away. I took an hour long bath today to get more listened to. I see more baths this week. I need to finish for two reasons. The story great and I can’t read another fantasy book until I’m done.

For example these are out:

Oh and so is Sins of Empire by Brian McClellan. And I really want to read Swordpoint by Ellen Kushner.

What else? Oh buying books.

I’ve always bought books faster than I’ve been able to read. My mood flips or when a version of OCD kicks in and I end up with a different selection of books to read.

These three are the latest batch. Mostly chosen as I’m looking for something different and maybe darker from what I’ve been reading for the last few books.

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Until next time,

Happy Reading.

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