What I did with my weekend… [TinyLetter]

I didn’t realise how much I needed to switch off. But this weekend, starting evening Friday after picking up 5 days of food supplies, I spent most of my waking hours playing Civilisation V. The point of the game is to get from Ancient times to  2150AD by growing your cities and population until you ‘win’. It’s a turn-based game. You take your moves and then the computer, who is in control of the other rulers, makes theirs. It does require strategy  to plot your way forward. You can’t go it alone – you need the other players for trade, diplomacy and other forms of interaction. You can win by wiping out the others by domination but I really don’t fancy trying that. It’s helped me reset and step away from the news and social media. I’m going to try and play less this week and read more instead.
Speaking of reading more, I did pick up the two books above . They are, I guess, are linked to the theme of domination and the current news-cycle.  I’m only a few pages in to It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis but he’s set the scene of a darker America. I’m fascinated to see where it goes.

I’ve got 5hrs 41 mins left of Runemarks. I’ve been travelling earlier so only listening on my commute back. I’m curious about what’s going to happen next as Harris has just killed someone unexpected.

And I’m 42% into Making Sense – reading non-fiction before bed is quit relaxing but it does make me sleepy. It’s all sticking luckily.

The Pork and Maple Syrup recipe from Eat and Chicken Tikka Masala from One Pound Meals have become weekly favourites. Both are cheap, easy and tasty.  Highly recommended to try out.

Plans for the week are cracking on with what I’m reading and taking delivery of my pre-order of Norse Gods by Neil Gaiman. I can’t read it until after I’ve finished Runemarks – Harris has her take and I want to experience each authors voices independently.  And after following Ken Clarke MP on twitter and seeing his comments on this week I ordered his biography, Kind of Blue. He’s the kind of person I want to read a biography from – though I’ll admit I don’t read that many.

Hopefully this week will have more reading and less game playing the week.

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PS Terry Pratchett – Back in Black​ is on BBC Two on Saturday. I’m going to need a box of tissues.

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